31 Aug Teaser for Turnover Promo

I traveled to three cities this month (Boston, Brooklyn, & Los Angeles) with the band TURNOVER

to make a video documenting their “album listening parties.”

Below is the 30 second teaser I made and released on Turnover’s official Instagram.

We have over 13k views already! Full video will be released soon.

See you this week, LA

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30 Aug Turnover – “Super Natural Acoustic”

The acoustic Turnover session I made is out now on the Run For Cover Records YouTube page (watch below)! This video has over 23,000 views – my most viewed video to date!

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22 Mar At Home With The Artist Episode #6

Season 1 is complete! Watch every episode here: ( https://goo.gl/ZJBJ4T )

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08 Feb New Webshow: “At Home With The Artist”

Past few months I’ve been working on the new web-series: “At Home With The Artist.”  ( MTV Cribs meets Art21, we snoop the bedrooms of creatives in search of the DIY spirit)

Check out this season here: ( https://goo.gl/ZJBJ4T )

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16 Jan New Video in Petzel Gallery.

I have a new video piece showing at Petzel Gallery this month. It’s called “You can everyone else, but you can’t me” and it’s part of a show of artists’ responses to the recent political happenings. The show is called “We need to talk …”

I visited the show yesterday and thought it was full of very interesting and thoughtful pieces. I recommend a visit if you live in NYC, I really enjoyed it.

After the show concludes I’ll put my video piece online!



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03 Jun “LITTLE GUY” music video premiere!


IMG_1782Little Guy” is the audio representation of the lessons I learned while training for a MMA fight(s). We are led to believe that the bigger guys (whether in literal size or perceived status) always win, but I quickly learned that “there is hope for the little guy in the technique.” This message can be transformative not only in physical aspirations, but especially in the day to day of living. You’re not out of the race just because of where IMG_1796you’re at currently, approaching things in a certain way can help any underdog topple any giant. This video was one of the most artistically satisfying projects I’ve ever completed because it started as an idea in my noggin and then seeing it actually set up and working was like really healthy. I was able to use just about every creative bone in my body to complete the various types of mixed media and animation and design.. This was my first music video I’ve ever made, but won’t be the last. Thanks for watching.


So many people helped turn this ambitious idea into a reality.

The final run through of the TV room was filmed by Austin Elliott and Christopher Olsen (Lock
e + Stache Media). I filmed about 65% of the TV footage. The other footage was filmed by Ian Keiser, Jordan Donaldson, and Brooks BurrellIMG_1786. I did all the claymation/digital animation/ and prop creation (the big red ooga heads). The ceramic head featured in the first 10 seconds was made by my dad.

In addition to behind the scenes there were lots of dancers in the video. Huge thanks to Ian Keiser, Chandler Mercer, Nick Nutting, Cole Simmons, Ethan Hollingshad, Conner Sullivan, Dustin Wilson, Sisilia Shaffer, Kayleen Rose, Alexandra Stock, Lilly Boyd, Eleanor Taylor, Lija Fonner, Jena Pary. Luke Frank, Zach Fish, Travis Burich, Gage Farley, Preston Richey, Brooks Burrell, Jason Nunn.






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